My Favorite Places in Oman (Rank # 2 – Wadi Shabs)

‘Wadi’ means ‘dry river bed’ (Wadi Shab is actually a wet river bed, a beautiful emerald green oasis in the desert).

Wadi shab is one of the most popular places to visit in Oman. It is situated in the village of Tiwi south ofMuscat. It takes around two hours driving to reach the wadi. It is easy to reach this wadi from the Qurayyat-Sur highway. Eventhough all guidebooks say you need a 4WD to get there…you can easily reach it in a regular car.

There’s 40 minute walk through the wadi so make sure you wear walking shoes, hat, sunglasses and put on suns cream for protection from the heat of the sun. Best time to visit the wadi is from February until November when the water is not cold.

But the big fun is at the end of the wadi (after 1hour walking). You can access a little cave by swimming, and then you can climb the rocks and make enormous jumps in the water.

 If you want a local tour guide who lives in the area, you can contact my friend Salah at 92558710.

Not too far from  Wadi Shabs is the Bimmah Sink Hole. In this sinkhole, fresh water is mixed with sea water giving it a wonderful colour as seen from the photograph.

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